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66.1. Make a list of good memories

1. The look on Bennet's face the first time we met
2. Watchin' Bennet work out
3. Whuppin' Bennet's arse
4. Dinners with the Bennets
5. Watchin' movies with little Claire
6. Hearin' how Claire's eyes lit up every time she got a new bear
7. Spendin' cozy nights with me lover before They discovered I was protectin' him
8. The poodle's first breakthrough
9. Findin' out he likes wall sex
10. Buryin' the hatchet with Bennet

66.2. Make a list of bad memories... )

Character: Claude Rains
Fandom: Heroes
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An' this whole bold or not bold is gettin' confusing. If it's bollocks, sorry.

001. Copy and paste the following into your livejournal.
002. Bold all the things that you have in common with the person you took this from.
003. Change the things that you don't to something relevant. For example, if someone says 'I like cheese,' and you don't, give us a food you do like.

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42.1. Make a list of things you watch

1. all of 'em rushin' about, not payin' any attention to anyone else
2. folks in their bedrooms when they think they're alone an' no one can see 'em
3. United games when I can get a place with good telly
4. the city lights below me when I'm up on the roof
5. the pigeons flyin' around stretchin' their wings
6. the Poodle as he works out before our trainin' sessions
7. Bennet's mornin' workout (Eden-verse)

Character: Claude Rains
Fandom: Heroes
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41.1. Make a list of things you have to hide.

1. Meself -- from the general public an' from the Company
2. Where I live
3. How I feel about Bennet
4. How I feel about the Poodle
5. My fears

Character: Claude Rains
Fandom: Heroes
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38.1. Make a list of beginnings.

1. Discoverin' I could go invisible
2. Discovering I liked boys
3. Running away from that drunken bastard who called himself me father
4. Hoppin' a flight to the States
5. Meeting Mr. Thompson, the charming sonofabitch, and bein' made an offer I couldn't refuse
6. Learning what was really going on at the Company
7. Hiding me lover from them and tryin' to undo some of their crap
8. Being shot by Noah Bennet and escaping them
9. Headin' to New York to disappear
10. Meeting Peter Petrelli
11. Buryin' the hatchet with Noah Bennet

Character: Claude Rains
Fandom: Heroes
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237. It's your birthday! If anything were possible, what would be your perfect way to celebrate?

Nothin' really special I'd want for me birthday -- it's just another day I've survived on this planet. Although these days, that's a pretty big accomplishment, so maybe it should be celebrated, yeah?

Right then. Haven't been one for cake an' candles since I was a boy and Dad yelled at Mum for 'wastin' money on the neighborhood brats'. And I'm not one fer a whole bunch of stuff (shut up, Bennet, I can hear ya now, an' I'm not even a mind reader), so I don't need presents.

But 'm not gonna turn me nose up at an offer to buy me a pint or two at one or another fine establishment in the city keeps Guinness on tap. Wouldn't turn down a good steak dinner, either.

A dinner an' drink with me mate -- with no interruptions by our taser-wieldin' buddies. That's a good enough celebration fer me. 'Sides, he owes me seven of 'em so far.

Muse: "Claude Rains"
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 158 per WordPerfect
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105. TEN things you would leave to your loved ones (and who they are) when you die.

1. Nothin'

2. worth

3. givin'.

4. But

5. it's

6. all

7. Bennet's

8. if

9. he

10. wants.

Muse: Claude Rains
Fandom: Heroes
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