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Okay, on Monday I go back to work for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks. I really don't want to, but I have to...

This means I will have NO access to LJ during the day, and for most nights I won't be on until after 7pm. I'm sorry to everyone I RP with that I'll be so unavailable. I can, however, read e-mail responses to my posts, so if you need to get in touch with me for something (plot points, important questions, anything!), leave a comment to this post.

I'll be keeping comments screened, so if we're plotting something sekrit, no one else will see the comments. Also, if you need me to IM or e-mail you, leave your IM (I'm on AIM and YIM) or e-mail addy in the comments.

There are times when I can chat at work (most often when the personnel system or applicant system is down and I can't get work done), so you can reach me on AIM at uvalpha and on YIM at arkadi_1.

Ugh busy

Mar. 7th, 2008 01:39 am
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Sorry for the delays on tags, folks. This week we've been going semi-live with the new system and dealing with all of the issues that have come up along with doing housework has been exhausting!

I'll hopefully be able to catch up on stuff sometime this weekend. :)
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Okay, if tags from Claude, Thompson, Peter ([ profile] youngerpetrelli), or Hiro are slow or absent, it's because we were in a car accident Saturday night. You can read the fun and games over here and here. We're okay, but sore, and probably will be up and down tomorrow if we're still on the good drugs...
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All right, is this someone's idea of a joke? "What do you live for?"

"What do you live for?"

Good lord, people, how many Heroes muses just headdesked at that one the moment they saw it?!

Do you know what a really pissed off generally crankypants Mancunian sounds like when he really gets revved up?
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Nov. 5th, 2007 09:57 pm
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Oct. 29th, 2007 09:51 pm
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So. Just posted the response to TM-201, and now I'm getting the evil eye again for 202...

I'm still not quite sure where Emo!Claude is coming from. Quite a strange creature...
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Well, we just discovered today that our workplace has finally filtered LJ (but not GJ or IJ. Of course, it's probably just a matter of time on those, once they come to their attention). So now I cannot read my flist, I cannot post, and worst of all, I cannot even tag by e-mail (I tested that today by trying to respond to a couple of you. It failed.)

This means that tags will now only happen on days I'm home, or after I get home from work. I'm so sorry, folks -- I know this is going to cause time issues with a few of you because of my hours vs. yours.

I'm so frustrated and annoyed by this. It also means that now I no longer have a reason to complain that I have to work during lunch or times when our personnel system is screwed up, because I just can't tag. ARGH.
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I'm really looking forward to seeing what my fellow Heroes characters say to the new TM topic!
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So. First and foremost, I'm a slasher. So Plaude and Claunet are both welcome and encouraged.

I'm also a spoilerphobe, so I'm complicating things myself by not knowing what's coming up. It's my own fault, but there you go. :)

I'm writing Peter over at [ profile] licenseartistic (and his storyline has probably just been Jossed Kringed too, so yay?), and Claude here. Since the Peter here has an established storyline and I'm not going to mess that up for them, I'm going with 'Claude is searching for missing Peter because he feels like crap for abandoning him.'

Might complicate things with the tentative rebuilding of ties with HRG, but Claude's of the opinion that if he has to share with Sandra, then Bennet shouldn't be annoyed if he has to share with Peter. You never know, there could be further... um... arrangements, in the future.

And he has absolutely no interest in anyone else out there at the moment. Going out for drinks is just something friends do, and getting falling down drunk and laughing at each other is something he hasn't done in far too long. *grins*
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