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Claude will neither confirm nor deny that he might have actually paid for these gifts. But he's once again sort of part of a family, and he's starting to remember that it actually makes him happy to give presents to his loved ones. Not that he'd admit that to anyone...

For Noah: Something very useful and two packages that he thinks will definitely be appreciated. The second one comes with a note: "Since I know you'll be travelling a lot."

For Sandra: Something practical, and something decorative. There's also a hand-written card that says, "Sandra, I'm not very good at this, but thank you for welcoming me back into your family. Love, Claude"

For Claire: Hoping that Noah hasn't got her the same one, an addition to her collection.

For Lyle: Claude has no idea which game console he has, so he simply gets a small card, with a $50 Best Buy gift certificate in it and a note to make sure whatever he gets won't get either of them in trouble with his dad.

For Mr. Muggles (because he knows Sandra would never forgive him if he forgot, and Noah would never forgive him if he gets the dog something squeaky or noisy): A car booster seat and special treats (the small dog size, of course).

He has no idea if he'll get to see Peter any time soon, or get to apologize for running out on him. No idea if Peter will accept his apology, either. But he still gets him a Bo staff, with a note that reads, "It's much better than a broomstick, and if you want to kick my arse I'll even give you the first strike free. I'm sorry for running, Poodle. --Claude"

And for Ynez (because even though they really don't know each other that well, he does like her): something silly because she's had a rough year. There are 5 cans of different colours in the gift bag.


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