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An' this whole bold or not bold is gettin' confusing. If it's bollocks, sorry.

001. Copy and paste the following into your livejournal.
002. Bold all the things that you have in common with the person you took this from.
003. Change the things that you don't to something relevant. For example, if someone says 'I like cheese,' and you don't, give us a food you do like.

01. I am an only child.
02. I'm older than I'd like to admit.
03. I am not colorblind.

04. I'm from Manchester. Wanna make somethin' of it?
05. I hate talking about myself.
06. I have seen snow before.

06. I don't wear glasses and this is a duplicate number.
07. I hate when people type in AlTeRnAtInG cApItAl AnD lOwEr CaSe LeTtErS oNlInE.
08. I'm a Leo. But I haven't given it any thought, really.
09. I like to read.
10. I have a good enough memory.
11. I don't believe in God.
13. I don't smoke.

14. I like a mean grilled cheese sandwich.
15. Some music makes me sad.
16. I love old places.
17. My favorite color is blue.
18. I don't play an instrument.
19. If you've wronged me, don't bother apologizing. It usually won't get you anywhere.
20. I don't own a television.
21. I don't sing.
22. I hold grudges for a very long time.

23. I got used to gettin' up early.
24. I love fish'n'chips.
25. I don't have a favourite day of the week.
26. I like to have my feet on the ground.
27. I aced the written portion of the driver's test.
Drivin', on the other hand, was a bit more problematic since you lot drive on the wrong bloody side of the road!
28. Holidays make me cranky.
29. I've travelled far an' wide.
30. I've never been married.
31. When I get started on something, I don't usually stop until it's finished.
32. I'm not tellin' ya me middle name.
33. I like having everything under control.
34. You Yanks can't hold yer liquor.
35. I taught a friend about the wonders of Guinness.
36. I've got a geek friend what speaks Elvish.
37. People fascinate me.
38. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
39. I don't prefer a book to a movie, or vice versa. I've read some good books, but I've also seen some good movies.
40. I don't dress for company. Not that I usually have company.
41. My favorite season is fall. I miss the season, actually.
42. Both my parents are dead.
43. My computer is a laptop.

44. I'd like to spar at least once a week -- but I exercise every day.
45. I can take or leave rainy days -- got enough of 'em in Manchester.
46. I think stereotypes are stupid.
47. I don't care about video games.
48. I love listening to music.
49. I was born and raised in Manchester, England.
50. Psychology has its uses.
51. I don't like losin' and have learned not ta take risks.
52. My deadly sin of choice? And by this it means guilty of, I take it? Wrath.
53. My last name is a pseudonym.
54. I'm not very romantic.
55. I drink a lot of Guinness.
56. I have little tolerance for incompetence.
57. I hate being patronized.
58. I hate repeating myself.

59. Lunch is great when I can get it.
60. Physical contact bothers me for the most part. If I know you well, I might let you get away with it, but don't expect me to return the gesture. I make some exceptions, though.
61. I've been in a car and on an airplane. I enjoy both.
62. I like to learn.
63. I've never had a lot of friends.

64. I don't give a good goddamn about daylight savings time.
65. One of my pet peeves is people who think they're cute when they're just bloody annoyin'.
66. I can function on little to no sleep.
67. I hate being lied to.
68. I'm suspicious by nature.
69. I take quizzes occasionally, when friends have or if I'm very bored.
70. I have patient days. I have impatient days. Everyone does. Anyone who says differently is lying.
71. I like people watching.
72. I can be very cynical.
73. I'll listen to any kind of music, as long as it's not country. Though I want to add rap to the list.
74. I've had jobs I'm not proud of.
75. I like a good challenge.
76. I speak Japanese and Russian.
77. I have several favorite books.
78. I think French might come in handy, but it hasn't been worth learning yet.

79. I don't have a wife, an' I'm not gonna have a wife.
80. I am not a Hanson fan.
81. I am not a fan of any particular Orchestra.
82. My main goal is survivin' and keepin' me friends safe.
83. I haven't used me real name in a long, long time.
84. I hate whiners. I don't whine.
85. I don't think Jim Carrey's funny.
86. I like third person books--there should always be an element of mystery around someone.

87. I don't think I've ever had a door-to-door salesman come to my house. It helps not havin' one. A house, that is.
88. My favorite room in the house is me bedroom.
89. I haven't tried to be a hero in a long time.
90. I drink coffee every morning.

91. My favorite food is Sandra's meatloaf.
92. I'm not that into poetry.
93. Talking on the phone is fine with me, but I can't stand those who stay on it for hours on end.
94. Death isn't pleasant.

95. I don't have a favourite video game.
96. It bothers me when people interrupt me when I'm working on something.
97. When I get angry, it either burns or freezes.
98. I'm a light sleeper.
99. This was harder than I thought it would be.

100. I'm not disturbed by my results.

Date: 2009-01-31 08:36 pm (UTC)
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Fine, I'll make you grilled cheese.


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