Jul. 5th, 2008

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Show us where you live

Show you where I live?

I live at the intersection of Piss off and None of your bloody business!

Muse: "Claude Rains"
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 19 -- not enough, but did anyone expect anything else?
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238. Freudian Slip

ooc: set in the past

There's something about the way Thompson watches him these days. It makes him very uncomfortable -- more so than usual around the man, and that's saying something. And it's worse when he's with his partner -- he can almost feel Thompson's eyes boring into the back of his head as he and Bennet discuss their latest bag'n'tag run.

He can't quite work out what's changed -- he racks his brain trying to suss it out, and keeps coming up with nothing. But now he has to be even more cautious about his outside activities, has to keep the Company from realizing what he's actually up to. He plays up his attraction to his partner who responds to his banter in kind, their teasing actually becoming a kind of sweet torture he's willing to undergo to deflect Thompson's attention.

And just when he thinks it's actually working, Thompson calls Bennet into his office for a private meeting. Yeah, that would mean somethin's really wrong, he thinks, going invisible and slipping into the office after his partner. Not wanting to be discovered, he slips into the corner and keeps quiet while Thompson asks, "Bennet, you and your partner spending a lot of quality time together?"

"No more than usual," Bennet answers, and the look on Thompson's face sends a chill through him.

Oh bloody hell, he knows...

"Then perhaps you could tell me what he meant when he told me 'We have plans tonight,' last weekend, when I asked him if he wanted to come to my place?"

It was a stupid bloody slip of the tongue -- one unguarded moment -- but it's too late now. Bennet's look of surprise seals his fate, and now he has to hope he can trust his partner -- his friend -- to handle this fairly...

Muse: "Claude Rains"
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 295 per WordPerfect
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237. It's your birthday! If anything were possible, what would be your perfect way to celebrate?

Nothin' really special I'd want for me birthday -- it's just another day I've survived on this planet. Although these days, that's a pretty big accomplishment, so maybe it should be celebrated, yeah?

Right then. Haven't been one for cake an' candles since I was a boy and Dad yelled at Mum for 'wastin' money on the neighborhood brats'. And I'm not one fer a whole bunch of stuff (shut up, Bennet, I can hear ya now, an' I'm not even a mind reader), so I don't need presents.

But 'm not gonna turn me nose up at an offer to buy me a pint or two at one or another fine establishment in the city keeps Guinness on tap. Wouldn't turn down a good steak dinner, either.

A dinner an' drink with me mate -- with no interruptions by our taser-wieldin' buddies. That's a good enough celebration fer me. 'Sides, he owes me seven of 'em so far.

Muse: "Claude Rains"
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 158 per WordPerfect
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