Feb. 18th, 2008

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077. TEN times you've contemplated murder.

[locked to the people who know him closely]

1. Briefly thought about killin' me dad. All right, a couple'a times I thought about it. Never did, though, 'cause once Mum was gone, I figured either the drinkin' or some bloke he crossed in a pub would do it for me.

2. Thompson, the first time he had his way. I woulda probably been a whole lot more willin' about the whole thing if the threatenin' hadn't been there -- but he got off on that part of it, too, so there ya go.

3. Thompson, when he'd say things about Noah an' I couldn't tell if he was really gonna try it or not.

4. The bastard who killed Thompson's wife. She never shoulda been exposed to our world; never shoulda suffered what I know she must've. Thompson beat me to it, an' I don't begrudge him that -- it was his right, 's far as I'm concerned.

5. Company doctors, for their bloody oh so lovin' care. Not very comfortin' to know the man who's sewin' up yer wound's the same guy who tortured someone ta death the day before...

6. Angela Petrelli, fer messin' up her boys as good as she did. Especially fer what she did ta Peter.

7. [locked from the Bennets] Noah Bennet, after he shot me an' I finally recovered an' found out what'd happened while I was gone. I'm over that, now. Not gonna change a thing, an' I need 'im too much.[/unlocked]

8. Thompson, for bein' the one directly responsible fer what happened while I was gone.

9. [locked from Peter] Sylar, the one time I heard Peter call out his name and it wasn't a bloody nightmare. Still might off the fucker fer killin' Peter, even if it didn't stick.[/unlocked]

10. The Thing in the Basement Goldilocks Adam, if he's usin' Peter...


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Fandom: Heroes
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