Feb. 3rd, 2008

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Old Acquaintance

ooc: the Peter referred to is [livejournal.com profile] youngerpetrelli

He was starting to get somewhere -- he knew he was. The boy was starting to pick things up, starting to learn control -- and starting to very much get through his defenses. He had sworn to himself he wouldn't do this again -- wouldn't let himself care enough to be vulnerable; to be hurt. It seemed that his heart was determined to ignore every bit of sense in his head.

"But you used to care. About all this. Didn't you?" Peter asked him, and for an unguarded moment he almost let himself answer. He was pretty sure Peter heard the response in his mind but he just couldn't bring himself to voice it yet.

Instead, he said, "All right, sharing time's over. Time to get--" and that's when his world turned upside down. The taser hit him in the neck and the jolt made him scream. He had just enough awareness left to catch a glimpse of the person wielding the weapon, and his heart leapt into his throat. He'd know that man anywhere. His past had finally caught up with him...

The next thing he knew, Peter was throwing him off the bloody building, then catching him and flying away with him. He smiled, a rare moment of pride for his student, then he blacked out. When he woke again, he was in Peter's flat, lying on the couch with the boy's face staring down at him.

Panic took over -- they had found him. The Company had found him. Another few seconds slower, and he would have been in a cage again. It wasn't worth it -- wasn't worth the risk to let himself care for this boy when the Company was nipping at their heels, so close to catching them. Peter just didn't understand -- he knew how ruthless and persistent Bennet could be, hunting someone he'd been tasked to bring in.

His best friend and one-time partner. The man would destroy them all, just to answer to his Company masters. Claude had no choice but to run, and the fact that he was breaking both Peter's and his own heart had no bearing on his decision. Better to live and be able to suffer that pain, than to be dead -- or worse, trapped.

The look on Peter's face as he faded from sight cut him to the bone, but he couldn't allow his old friend to capture him. He knew there was no coming back from that...

Muse: "Claude Rains"
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 412 per PocketWord
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