Jan. 27th, 2008

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Seduction. Have you ever seduced someone or has someone ever seduced you?

[locked from any Company employees]
He'd already made this mistake once, and he wasn't the type to repeat his mistakes. Once burned, twice shy, and all that. Oh yeah, and some wanker got that 'better to have loved and lost' bit backwards, too.

No, Claude Rains did not fall in love. He especially didn't allow himself to fall for dark-eyed, beautiful dreamers who wanted to save the world and were so naive they were going to be getting their hearts broken every time they turned around. No, he avoided them like the plague. Just like he had avoided human contact and friendship for the past seven years. He didn't need it. He didn't want it. No one was going to get close enough to hurt him again.

So why he'd been in the hallway, hiding Peter from his brother and the geneticist, he had no idea. Why he'd even followed the boy in the first place was a mystery. He'd chased Peter off his roof and told him to go away, and then he found himself following him, watching him; protecting him.

And why he'd brought the boy back to the roof and started training him -- well, obviously, that was to protect the city he'd grown to call home. It didn't mean anything more -- he just didn't want this puppy to lose it and blow everything up.

But that didn't really explain what the hell he was doing when he pushed the boy back indoors and met those dark eyes, and couldn't keep himself from kissing him. It didn't explain what the hell he was doing when he let the boy pull him into the bedroom and pull him down on the bed atop him, or why his hands were sliding over that warm, soft skin. Or why he let himself be coaxed out of his clothes -- finally even his shirt, letting the boy see his scars and even touch and kiss them -- and into that eager, tight heat.

He didn't let himself fall in love or need anyone, and yet somehow he had and he did...

Muse: "Claude Rains"
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 342 per WordPerfect
Any references to Peter Petrelli refer to [livejournal.com profile] youngerpetrelli
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