Jan. 14th, 2008

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070. TEN kisses.

1. Mum on me forehead, to tell me everything's gonna be okay.

2. Billy down the block, all rough and confused and fumbling.

3. Kelly, pert an' blonde an' so soft in all the right places, but I can't do what she wants despite all her pleadin' and coaxin'

4. Dominic, hungry an' needy an' wiry under me

5. [locked from everyone] Thompson, in his office, pushed against the wall an' scared fer me life. Give him what he wants cuz otherwise he'll kill me...[/locked]

6. [locked from most] Thompson in the cheap motel room, hungry an' needy and fuck, he just killed that man who murdered his wife! The bloke's blood is still on his hands and--[/locked]

7. [locked from most] Noah, but he's too drunk ta remember, an' I couldn't hurt Sandra like this so nothin's happening, friend, just go back ta sleep. Yeah, that's good...[/locked]

8. [locked from everyone] Soft and hungry and I promise they'll never know who you are. I swear it. Yer safe, as long as I'm alive and feedin' them lies...[/locked]

9. Peter Petrelli on the rooftop, yielding and needy and god, I swore I'd never do this again but I can't help meself. So beautiful and so perfect and please, be the one we need...

10. Noah, I can't do this anymore. It's too much ta handle on me own...

Muse: Claude Rains
Fandom: Heroes
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