May. 15th, 2008

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096. TEN people you're angry with and why.

1. me worthless dad -- because he was an abusive drunk an' a bigoted bastard, and 'cause he died before Bennet ever got a chance to kick his arse which I'd've liked to see.

2. Thompson -- because he was a right bastard an' was (is?) too bloody fond of takin' advantage of folks. And because he enjoyed his job far too much.

3. Angela Petrelli -- because she has no idea the damage she's done ta Peter, an' probably wouldn't care if she did

4. Bob Bishop -- because he's a wanker who let a little bit of power go to his head an' now he thinks he's the bloody king of the specials. That, an' he's a manipulative bastard, a liar an' a cheat. I don't believe for a minute he's gonna hold to his side of that agreement.

5. Noah Bennet -- for bein' stupid enough ta make that agreement in the first place, sellin' his soul to Them to keep his family safe. When they're done usin' him for their dirty work, they're gonna go after the rest of 'em anyway! *grumble grumble idiot grumble*

6. Nathan Petrelli -- can't help it, I still want to punch that face every time I see that bloody fake smile of his. But I won't, 'cause then the Poodle would be emo at me.

7. that wanker at the newsstand -- nearly knocked me flat with his bloody pile of Sunday Times this past weekend

8. the hotel staffer who gave some bloke the room I was usin' while I was takin' a nice nap. Bloody hell, five hundred rooms an' ya have to choose the one I had?

9. the barkeep who wasn't willin' ta let me run a tab. I don't look that shifty, mate.

10. Adam Monroe -- for bein' a wanker an' catchin' the Poodle's eye. 'Cause even if Peter comes back ta me, one'a these days I'm gonna shuffle off this mortal coil, an' that bastard won't.

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