Apr. 23rd, 2008

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226. Name three things that you're looking forward to in the near future and why

1. Gettin' Bennet's arse out of the Company's grasp. An' you can take that any way ya want, because I'm pretty sure Thompson's been itchin' to get his hands on it. Bloody bastard just doesn't know when ta stop. 'Course, Bennet could just leave him there -- from what I hear, he's locked up too. Bishop's not one ta let a successful experiment go without a fight. Thompson could end up gettin' turned into a lawn ornament... Anyway, Bennet -- I want him outta there, an' of course Sandra and the kids need him outta there. I'd almost be willing to risk meself to help him break out. Almost. 'm not that crazy yet.

2. The satisfaction of knowin' we screwed them over big when we do get Bennet out of there. 'm not gonna lie and say I'm not lookin' forward to that. They deserve it, after everythin' they've done to me an' mine an' all the other specials out there.

3. Sandra's meatloaf dinner. Think I might have to drop in for a visit -- the woman makes the best damned meatloaf ever, an' she always cooks for an army. 'Course, with Lyle bein' a growin' boy I'm not surprised -- he eats enough for an army all on his own. And besides the food, it'd be good to see Sandra and the kids. I miss 'em.

Muse: "Claude Rains"
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 229 per PocketWord
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