Apr. 15th, 2008

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094. TEN vices you have

1. Guinness

2. Yellin' at the refs when they make shite calls

3. Pickin' on defenseless rookies an' poodles 'cause they're so much fun to fuck with

4. Usin' my ability to watch folks (ta find out if they can be trusted, ya perverts!)

5. Petty theft (what -- keeps me sharp, an' I gotta eat too, ya know!)

6. Guinness

[locked from any Company employees]
7. Sexin' up defenseless rookies an' poodles (not real poodles! God, yer a sick bunch!) 'cause they're so much fun to fuck

8. Usin' my ability to watch folks (Right. Now's when ya give me that disapprovin' prude look. There ya go.)

9. Wanderin' around on a Saturday night, honin' me skills amongst the unsuspectin' populace

10. (Hah! Thought I was gonna say Guinness again, didn't ya!) Nice big steak with all the fixin's

Muse: Claude Rains
Fandom: Heroes
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19.2. Make a list of things you hate doing

1. Sneakin' about so the Company wankers don't find me
2. Bein' scared every time some bloke in a suit actually looks at me on the street
3. Flyin' on an aeroplane -- too closed in an' no way to escape if someone finds me. At least on a train or a bus, there's a relatively good chance I'll survive jumpin' out
4. Goin' to fancy parties if I have to be visible
5. Havin' to run out on folks I really do love just ta save me skin
6. Losin' folks I love
7. Bein' hurt
8. Bein' scared all the time

Character: Claude Rains
Fandom: Heroes
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